Choosing an Agent

Choosing the best agent to sell your property is the second most important decision in real estate (after choosing the right property to buy). Many people are too casual in their approach to this crucial decision. They ring a couple of agents and choose the one who gives them the highest valuation or has the lowest commission.

Most industry experts will agree this is the wrong way to choose an agent. There is a lot at stake, so it’s worthwhile putting some time and effort into researching your choices. Choosing a mediocre agent who offers a cheap commission or gives you an inflated valuation of your property is a mistake that can leave you seriously out of pocket.

Speak to your friends and colleagues, visit open home inspections and attend a couple of auctions.

When you choose an agent, the most important criterion is their ability to maximize the sale price. The skill set that you are looking for includes creative & targeted marketing, outstanding auction strategy & auctioneering skills, superior negotiation skills, and the ability to get into the hearts and minds of buyers and get them excited about owning your property.

The agent must be capable of marketing the property to the maximum number of buyers. Because the number of buyers you introduce to a property has a direct relationship with the sale price. They must be able to sell the benefits of your property and clearly articulate its advantages mover others in the market.

A good agent has credibility and a solid reputation in the community, so when they say something, buyers listen and believe it. They can put together an effective auction strategy and conduct a successful auction.

The difference between an unskilled agent and a very good agent can easily amount to a 20% to 30% difference on the sale price.

The ideal combination is a skilful and motivated agent backed by a customer oriented company that has integrity and a solid team of energetic people. A great real estate office has a high degree of teamwork

With so much of your money at stake it’s a really critical decision so don’t be too casual about whom you appoint to sell your property.