The Ultimate Moving House Checklist

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Moving house is no easy task, but whilst every move is different, there are a number of core things to considered beforehand that will prepare you for the journey ahead. This blog consists of a moving house checklist full of the most important advice out there when it comes to packing up and relocating around the corner, or even across the globe.

1.       Are you going with the pros?

The most important moving related decision you have to make is whether or not to utilise professional removalists. Getting clear on this well in advance will allow you to prepare for your move with more confidence, especially if you have many possessions, or possessions that are difficult to move.

If you are thinking about contracting a professional local removalist, then the following criteria will help you choose the right partner. First and foremost, the best removalists are fully accredited by the relevant independent industry bodies. Additionally, you should always demand a free, no-obligation quote before you commit. To round everything out, make sure that your removalists are fully insured, and importantly, are well reviewed on third party websites.

2.       Consider Vehicle and Pet Relocation

If you’re moving long distances, then vehicle and pet relocation can both become a real hassle, particularly if you’re moving internationally, when customs and border control requirements come into play. Your moving partner may be able to help with this, and you can apply our selection criteria above to ensure the right choice.

3.       Keep Your Paperwork in Order

By documenting your budget, and keeping all moving related paperwork, including checklists and contracts in one place, you will feel more confident in the pragmatics of your move.

4.       Undertake A Little Spring Cleaning

Preparing for a move to a new home provides an excellent opportunity to remove the clutter from your life, and particularly so if you’re downsizing. So, take the opportunity to have a spring clean, throwing away, donating or selling any items that you no longer need or use.

5.       Allow Ample Time for Packing

As you get closer to your moving date, and we’re pinpointing about the six-week mark here, it’s important to order your packing materials. How much, and what, you have to order will depend on whether you’re employing professional packaging services provided by your removalist. In any case, the most important gear you need consists of sturdy cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, professional plastic wrapping and marker pens.

6.       Scope Out Your New Area

This one might sound obvious, as you may have already taken great care in choosing the location of your move. But it’s worth mentioning, because acquainting yourself with the local amenities of your new home, including the grocery store, local schools and doctors, along with various entertainment facilities will go a long way to help reduce the uncertainty of your move.

7.       Smart Shopping

When your move is close to two months away, it’s a good idea to draw up a food plan to use up all of your perishable foods. You can save a great deal of value with a smart food plan.

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The Ultimate Moving House Checklist